midnight, march 8th, 2012

“limerence” comes from my interest in the idea of “romantic love”.

This image has been shot by only the light of the full moon, during a ten minute exposure, with large format instant film, using a unique wet negative process: hence the photogram of my hand also seen in the image. This has not been digitally added.

I have included the word "limerence" in the title because, as the word suggests, our attraction to the moon is forever physically out of reach - just as our attraction to a person can be.

But as with the moon, it seems to be more acceptable these days to love something or someone but never fully experience the things we are attracted to. We live in a world of remote infatuation and this unrequited longing has subsequently been amplified by the presence of the internet and social media. Most of us have the potential to experience the details of another person from afar, whether they are a celebrity or civilian, but never fully satisfy our desire for proximity. The same is true for “things” in this age of consumerism: we all develop close attachments and feelings for material objects of desire. Limerence is a term that describes this phenomenon: those things and people we may want, but can never truly have.

I enjoy the fact that the light of the moon, is actually the reflected light of the sun: I shoot most of my work with natural daylight, so this is an extension of my normal process.

"Limerence" is from the group show: "24 FINGERS", Auckland, 22nd April, 2012, curated by Sophie Blazey

© Adam Custins, 2017