These images are all taken with classic Polaroid cameras: the kind that eject a print automatically once you've taken the shot. By this time around 2010, Polaroid had long discontinued making film and I was essentially working with found film or dead stock. That was until The Impossible Project (now called Polaroid Originals) decided to try to remake the film. This was an almost "impossible" challenge. The first films produced were seriously unstable. Often images would fade within days to nothingness..or the image would literally melt into an out of focus picture, or the image would crack like an old oil painting, and colors were completely unstable. But the magic of the unknown and the fact that I knew I was participating in a moment of photographic history was very exciting. I loved trying to make it work. Here is nearly ten years of images, and as you can see both my results and the film evolved over time.

The first three pictures shown here are of Barbara Fialho. They were taken on the very first black and white instant film, The Impossible Project produced for the old Polaroid SX-70 cameras. The film was sent to various photographers shooting for publications around the world, to shoot, and test. The center image was then published in Black Magazine, and is now held in the Impossible Project's permanent collection.

© Adam Custins, 2017