This collection began during 2010 when I specifically decided to try and shoot everything with Polaroid / Instant Film. I had also become dedicated to using natural light as much as possible. I also styled almost everything. The goal was to create the most powerful portrait with the minimum of anything extra. Make it as natural as possible. I even built a day light studio in New Zealand, and continue to use available light where ever I am. This body of work also represented an attempt to visualize a personal imagined world of Amish aesthetic and well mannered rebellion. It was mainly during the Obama years, and there was an atmosphere of progressive idealism and authenticity as we built ourselves out from the Recession. Today it does not seem relevant to keep imagining this world.

Also the film I used for nearly 10 years is discontinued, and I have perhaps 100x films left for the rest of time. It feels like an end of an era. I can never shoot with the same cost or freedom.

January 8, 2019

© Adam Custins, 2017