Left: Ralph Lauren button down shirt. Right: New Balance sneakers

Ralph Lauren

The fashion design community it typically liberal, so it was notable who would dress the First Lady for the inauguration of President Trump. After several designers turned down the opportunity, Ralph Lauren was the designer who provided her powder blue outfit.

New Balance

During the 2016 USA election, a company representative mis-spoke giving the impression New Balance was endorsing Trump, and immediately New Balance owners began burning or destroying their shoes and tweeting videos in protest. 


The 2017 march of White Nationalists at night, all holding tiki torches wore what looked like an informal "uniform". Many wore Polo shirts or button down shirts with chinos: all in coordinating pale and beige. I speculate that a future conservative right wing uniform might one day resemble a norm-core beige Ralph Lauren x New Balance combo. 

© Adam Custins, 2017